[thelist] ASP: Jump to specific record in recordset

Ken Kogler gsls at kenkogler.com
Tue Mar 16 10:46:41 CST 2004

This is using ASP/SQL Server 2000 on a Win2k box in an interal dev

I'm bringing back a recordset that looks like this:

cID  cName
---  -----
091  Jones, Bob
092  Joney, Jane
095  Kowalski, Kevin
099  Stein, Frank N.

In ASP, I want to just go right to row 95. Is there any way to do it
other than looping through the recordset until I get there?

I want to avoid this:

 while not rs.eof
   if rs("cID") <> 095 then
   response.write "I'm at 95!"

Is there something like this?:

  response.write "I'm at 95!"

Thanks in advance, evolters!


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