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Dan McCullough dmccullough at garnethill.com
Tue Mar 16 12:03:21 CST 2004

What type of information are you going to be putting into emails?  

Basically you want to keep everything short and sweet, download times as
quick as possible, quick call to actions and as colorful and original as
These are basic HTML browsers that are in most email clients.  
CSS you will want to embed using the style tag.

New spam laws
The way you need to check, double check and triple check subscribes.  
If you are using an outbound email vendor to send your emails you will
need to check if they have been black listed, even the big boys and
reputable email vendors appear on blacklists, there is no 100%.

We enjoy a pretty good email program, we get higher then average click
thru and open.  That maybe partially due to our customer, but also has
to do with our presentation and product.  Customer also remember who you
are, and if you are coping others they will think they have seen it
before and not waste their precious time reading your email, also if you
bored them once, twice or three times they are likely to start thinking
about unsubscribing.

And get yourself a good designer who has done HTML email before.

Hope this helps


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I have been charged with creating some html driven e-mail for my
employer and I was curious as to whether or not you all could point me
to some good resources listing pitfalls, good practices, things to
aviod, etc. regarding this matter.

Apparently my google skills have escaped me this morning as I have not
been able to pull very relevant information.

Thanks for your time,
Johnny Poston

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