[thelist] RE: creating browsable snapshot of a website on cd-rom

Adrian Gonzales adrian at clearspanmedia.com
Tue Mar 16 13:22:10 CST 2004

HTTrack has is the best way IMO. Its free, open source and spiders
better than anything I've seen. The only thing it hasn’t grabbed for me
has been flash movies that call another flash movie inside it. But it
will spider an entire site, download it and rewrite all the links to
work with the renamed pages. Hope that helps.


Adrian Gonzales Jr.
Creative Director
Clear Span Media

From: "Dan McCullough" <dmccullough at garnethill.com>

   Basically what that long subject is trying to convey is I wanted to
see if there was some good, easy to use software for downloading a
website and it would maintain links within the offline site, but then
you could burn it to cd and then have a backup of a dynamic site.  there
are many out there that I know of, but I know that some are pretty

dan mccullough
web technology
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