[thelist] Automatic copy to Web host

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Tue Mar 16 21:40:36 CST 2004

At 02:02 PM 3/16/2004, Mark Gillingham wrote:
>My organization uses a host for its website, which has few extras (e.g., 
>httrack, rsync). I want to use httrack to prepare a static site from 
>different sources and then upload that site daily. Better if I only upload 
>files that had actually changed. I can't run httrack directly on the 
>public host, so what are my options for ftp--that is I use httrack locally 
>and the transfer the site tree to the public host? Tech support tells be 
>that ftp is my only choice. I bet someone has already solved this problem.

Use rsync, with it you can push the files from your local httrack 
"compiled" copy up to the remote host. Rsync can be set to only uploaded 
changed files, as well as, delete files from remote that do not exist locally.

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