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kris burford kris at midtempo.net
Wed Mar 17 03:23:58 CST 2004

> >>Create ... a small script in the header.php file that count the most used
> >>words in the page (excluding a set of "common words") and use that TOP
> >>10-20 keywords to populate dynamically the Meta Tags and the Title tag
> >> too.
> > what a great idea!
>but but but .. isn't the idea to work out your keywords first based on how
>often they're put into search engines versus how many pages serve them,
>and then write pages to optimally include your chosen keywords?

yes, but when we're talking utilising a content management system with 20+ 
authors posting weekly, few of 'em with an understanding of web stuff and 
we're already struggling to get them to write a 20-30 word summary of their 

oh, and the site already has a sizable and very loyal following - it 
doesn't depend *at all* on search engine traffic. any incoming visitors are 
a bonus.

i spent some time on this last night and found that by removing words of 
three letters or less, those containing non-alpha chars and then trying to 
remove all non-nouns, you *can* get a pretty accurate summary of the content.

kris burford
midtempo ltd

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