[thelist] HTC behaviors? (was "Text area question")

John.Brooking at sappi.com John.Brooking at sappi.com
Wed Mar 17 09:26:00 CST 2004

>Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 13:29:27 -0500
>From: Hershel Robinson <hershelr at netvision.net.il>
>To: thelist at lists.evolt.org
>Subject: [thelist] Re: Text area question
>Put 51 characters in the Windows buffer. Place the mouse in the textarea. 
>Right-click. Select Paste. You now have 51 characters in your textarea.

Good point! I don't have the time to try it right now, but I guess one would
have to add some more checks to onBlur, onChange, or something to get the
complete solution. I'll try to come up with one later on to add as a tip, as
someone else suggested to me off-line.

Meanwhile, the thread has since opened up another question for me:

>Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 22:04:23 -0600
>From: Michael Harrington <mike0351 at bellsouth.net>
>To: thelist at lists.evolt.org
>Subject: [thelist] Re: Text area question (Mike Harrington)
>Look at http://www.siteexperts.com/ie5/htc/ts08/page1.asp .
>Also Google search turns up many solutions

The siteexperts article, as well as several of the Google result pages,
recommended implementing various "custom behaviors" using an HTC file. I've
seen this technology briefly before, but am not well-acquainted with it. I
always thought it was a Microsoft-specific thing, but some of the pages I
looked at seem to indicate it's a CSS thing. It also seems to use XML. Can
someone explain briefly what it is, whether it is a standard, and how well
various browsers support it?

- John

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