[thelist] HTC behaviors? (was "Text area question")

Mark Kennedy mark at eurogamer.net
Wed Mar 17 09:43:22 CST 2004

>The siteexperts article, as well as several of the Google result pages,
>recommended implementing various "custom behaviors" using an HTC file. I've
>seen this technology briefly before, but am not well-acquainted with it. I
>always thought it was a Microsoft-specific thing, but some of the pages I
>looked at seem to indicate it's a CSS thing. It also seems to use XML. Can
>someone explain briefly what it is, whether it is a standard, and how well
>various browsers support it?

Well, there's this:


But it's now a 5 year old working draft.  Microsoft implemented behaviours in
IE5+ (I think) and very useful I must say they are: they really help keep
dynamic pages nice and clean.  Of course, you can only use then for things like
intranets where you know everybody's on IE.  I've used behaviours to do things
like collapsible menus and context menus.

However, they're not a standard, so I wouldn't recommend using them on a public
site.  If you're still intrigued, just check out MSDN:


I gotta say however, even though they help keep pages script-free, I really
don't like the way they're implemened in HTC files -- it's a bit clunky.

Also, if you're British, remember to spell 'behaviour' as 'behavior' otherwise
you'll be scrathing you're head as to why things aren't working.  I've made this
mistake so many times.



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