[thelist] Automatic copy to Web host

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Mar 17 10:16:48 CST 2004

Mark Gillingham wrote:

> I would use rsync if I could. Our host does not allow a shell and does 
> not supply rsync or httrack. I think the only thing to do is script ftp 
> to check the date of each file in a local directory tree (where the 
> updated site resides) and send any files to the host that are newer. I'm 
> looking for a script to do just that since it would take me a long time 
> to muddle through it myself.

Ask and ye shall recieve :-)


'mirror' is a Perl implementation to do exactly what it sounds like.
It should be pretty solid -- I first used it in 1994 (to replicate
the World Cup servers, and to automate the staging->public uploads
at Sun, among other things).  :-)

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