[thelist] Camera specs for web pics

Rob Sylvan rsylvan at nhptv.org
Wed Mar 17 12:55:38 CST 2004

In my experience Canon and Nikon consumer cameras can deliver some really
great images. For your price range I would recommend getting at least a 4 or
5 megapixel camera ... this will give you a lot of flexibility for editing,
but also you are likely to use the camera for other things once you fall in
love with it. :-)

I shoot a lot with a Nikon 4500, and love it, but you really can't go wrong
with a Canon. The Powershot G4 and G5 are excellent cameras and I would
highly recommend checking out
http://www.steves-digicams.com/hardware_reviews.html for excellent camera

Have fun.

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Hi all,

I need to get a camera for some mid to low resolution photos to put on web 
sites. Ineed two things. First, I need to find some general specs on 
resolution, megapixels, etc. Second, what are some current cameras (in the 
$400 to $700 range) that have worked for you?



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