[thelist] Camera specs for web pics

Feingold Josh S Josh.S.Feingold at irs.gov
Wed Mar 17 13:30:24 CST 2004

> I need to get a camera for some mid to low resolution photos to put on web

> sites. Ineed two things. First, I need to find some general specs on 
> resolution, megapixels, etc. Second, what are some current cameras (in the

> $400 to $700 range) that have worked for you?

Assuming that the pictures are only going to be seen on a computer screen
and not printed, the maximum DPI that you need for your pictures is the DPI
of the computer monitor.  So if the picture is going to take up the entire
screen space on a monitor with a resolution of 1152x864 (which I hope it
won't!) a 1 megapixel camera will be more than sufficient.  (1152 X 864 =
995,328 pixels).  

If you want to hedge yourself in case you decide you want to print it out,
currently 4 megapixel cameras are at around $3XX dollars (check out
xpbargains.com for some good deals).  The best place I have seen for camera
reviews is dpreview.com.

Good luck!

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