[thelist] SEO tips

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 17 19:11:16 CST 2004

As for Google, I have obtained good results with a simple technique
using PHP, first I explain the problem :
Title tag needs to be short so that each (key)word have a high weight,
because the longer your title, the lesser the weight of each word when
displaying results.

On the other hand you may have many keywords you'd like your site to
perform well on

So the idea is to have a set of VITAL keywords and a larger set of
SECONDARY keywords or keyphrases
You will be rotating the secondary keywords (selected randomly)

In PHP you create an array :

$keywords =
"Email","Personal Ads");

Then you select a subset of them (here 5) and wipe out the rest
srand((float) microtime() * 10000000);
$keywords = array_rand($keywords, 5);

Then when you can add those secondary keywords to your title tag and
META TAG keywords/description and also, why not, somewhere near the top
of the BODY and in image ALT tags (always AFTER the rightful
description, so that it doesn't bother *real* users)
Use those lines :
<meta name="ROBOTS" content="index, follow">
<meta name="Revisit-after" content="7 days">
people may think this is useless, but let's say it's superstition.
It has been invented to volontary tell additional information about the
page (meta information)

You can either write everything in order :
<? for ($i=0;$i<count($keywords);$i++) echo $keywords[$i]." "; ?>
or randomly (it might be better if you use it several times) : 
<? for ($i=0;$i<count($keywords);$i++) echo
$keywords[rand(0,count($keywords)-1)]." "; ?>
with the "random feature" of having a certain keyword repeated more than
the others

Then you can also use this to write only one keyword, from place to
<?= $keywords[rand(0,count($keywords)-1)]; ?>

The result is : the pages performs better some periods than others at
certain secondary keywords or keyphrases. But all keywords have a chance
to be used at each visit of the googlebot, and the page performs better
than if it had all keywords in the title and everywhere... 
Also, it seems to me Google likes when the page looks fresh, on results
it shows some pages with the date and some pages without. It will tell
Google that content is being updated, maybe it is worth visiting as
often as the meta tags "Revisit-after" says.. ;-)


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