[thelist] Flash banner examples

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 18 07:56:30 CST 2004

posting this on behalf of justin at jazzmanagement.com.au, who is 
having some list trouble....

Hey. Can anyone give me a couple of good examples of html based sites 
using a section of the site for a flash banner(s). Similar to ones 
you see advertising things or for promotions etc.

I have a client who doesn't know much about flash, but they have a 
dedicated area at the top of their website for promotions, team 
members etc. I just wanted to give him some good examples of what can 
be done.

[now for my response -- there's an example of some eyecandy at 
quantumcms.com... just a little flash logo, more animated on the home 
page than on the content pages]

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