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Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 18 08:03:12 CST 2004

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On the subject of the meta-keywords reflecting content, it still doesn't
really work. What matters also is the scarcity of each keyword in common
language. Under the system proposed, you'll have a stop list that
removes the 'if's and 'but's, but, looking at the last sentence, you'll
have keywords 'matters, scarcity, keyword, common, language'. Is that
meaningful or useful.

Of course not, the goal is not to put everyword, but only a limited set
of the most used ones (except for commonly used words) and in DESCending
order (with a bottom limit of 2 or 3 times used in the text).
As for keyphrases, the way to do it is simple : after you've determined
what keywords are the most used, you do another run and this time
determines what couple of words are the most used. So for exemple if you
have House rent, a wonderful house rent, etc.. "House rent" will be
You can do the same for triplet of words..
On everypage you will not have a couple of keywords, and sometimes not
even your maximum limit of keywords (because not enough words will have
been repeated enough on your page) then it odoesn't matter, because the
ones that made it through the script, will be important for the page
ranking, and the shorter your title tag, the higher the weight of each
word composing it.


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