[thelist] User Feedback for "Portal" Site

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Thu Mar 18 12:20:49 CST 2004


I've received a few responses from folks on the list--thank you very
much.  I've moved my project into the "prototype" stage based upon
feedback on the lofi page mock-ups, and these are available for
feedback.  I'd really appreciate any insight anyone else may have to
offer on the prototypes; making this site user-driven has really been a
fun project and very informative.

You can view the prototypes and leave feedback online at:


If anyone has any additional advice on the "how to write a white paper
effectively" approach, I'd certainly welcome that, as I've never tackled
such a beast and think that all of the information I've gathered within
the scope of the project could be at least somewhat useful.

Thank you all again for your assistance.


> I've prepared low fidelity layouts and posted them for a 
> group of peers
> to review, complete with gathering some bio information from each of
> them.  From the feedback, I've modified the layouts, created an
> Additional layout and have now posted a submission form on the site to
> gather
> feedback from users in order to drive the next round of revisions.
> I would appreciate it if any of you would consider 
> participating in the
> study.
> If you would be interested in participating, please follow the URL:

I'll also welcome any feedback on my approach to all of this, including
information provided (or lack thereof), etc.

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