[thelist] Plain Text Newsletter in PHP with Problems

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Mar 18 12:51:52 CST 2004

<snip author="Mark">
PHP is possibly automatically decoding the %0D%0A for you, forming a
(which probably breaks the 'Location' header).  Try using urlencode(
$subject )
before constructing your url.

Cool. Here's what I did:

PreviewNewsletter.php?newsletter=" . urlencode($_GET["$newsletter"]) .

looks great, but:

   Subject: test 
   Newsletter: This is a test with a hard carriage return 

It lost my hard carriage return :-\

When I reverse engineer the code: urlencode($_GET["$newsletter"]) I get:

At this point I can do a couple of replace functions and manipulate the
special characters.

My target audience is everyone so I have to go with plain text. My next
question is how do I simulate the hard carriage returns now that I've lost
them with urlencode? 

My first intuition from the PHP manual is using the \n or \r modifiers where
ever I see %0D%0A. 

Do you think this will do it?


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