[thelist] Safari and php forms

Mark Kennedy mark at eurogamer.net
Thu Mar 18 14:10:28 CST 2004

Although, often, web browsers will leave values in form fields when a user
navigates back to a page, you're not really guaranteed that this will happen.  I
have absolutely no experience with Safari, so maybe there's an option that a
user can set which allows cached pages to retain form field data (although I
doubt it).

What would perhaps be a more sensible approach, would be to re-render the form
alongside the error messages you print, setting the default value for all the
form fields to be the submitted data.  That way a user doesn't have to hit
'back'.  You also have the chance to improve how meaningful your error messages
are by printing each error alongside the relevant form control.



On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, Kent Rygiel wrote:

>Hi List.
>I have a standard webmail form built in php that I have been using. Trouble
>is that when I go to check for errors, the variables are not passed back
>into the form fields in safari. So when I display the message "missing name,
>please go back and try again", well, when the user goes back, the email and
>comments, etc. are all  erased from the fields only in safari. Somehow I am
>not passing the variables back into the fields for safari. Or maybe it has
>to do with the way safari caches variables. Anyone have experience with this
>or able to direct me to a tutorial to explain things. Thanks a lot  for any
>help. Kent
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