[thelist] CSS Backgrounds: repeat-x width:100%

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 18 23:07:04 CST 2004

> From: "Joshua Olson" <joshua at waetech.com>
> I've just whipped together a really UGLY demo of this concept:
> http://concepts.waetech.com/stretch_bg/

yeah, i've been down this road... it works, but the image can get 
pretty ugly pretty quickly... i've also used it for "masking" an 
image with boxes above it, so scrolling/resizing changes the 
image/text through the peephole...

what really helps, though, is setting the alt attribute on the img to 
be blank... otherwise i have a permanent 'Page BG' tooltip...

also, your link to the CSS3 section links to the CSS2 spec (noticed 
that by accident)...

so, did you try setting its z-index to 1, and setting everything 
above it to higher? perhaps the -100 is throwing moz...

my latest book project:
  Web Graphics for Non-Designers
  ISBN: 1590591712

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