[thelist] Anyone used Scorch? Linux/Mac

Carl Meyer cjmeyer at npcc.net
Sat Mar 20 09:33:47 CST 2004

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004, John C Bullas wrote:
> Is there NOT a scorch interface for Linux at all (sad)

Far as I can tell from their site, there's no way for a Linux user to see
Scorch content.  Maybe musicians don't use Linux :-)

> The idea was to give a visual/audible representation, suppose I could add a 
> file as an alternative?

Yep.  MIDI + PDF would be an alternative way to do audio and score. 
Probably not as nice as Scorch, but more accessible.

> You CAN download Scorch though can you to see the "show"?

Not unless I go find a Windows box or a Mac somewhere.  

Note: I'm not saying you shouldn't use Scorch.  Although I can't see it, I'm
sure it's quite cool.  I would just provide an alternative option for users
who a) can't download the Scorch plugin, or b) don't want to.  Or, if your
site is targetted at a small audience, and you're fairly sure they use
mainstream OS/browser and are dedicated enough to go download the plugin,
you can just ignore me entirely and post an apology to the users you exclude


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