[thelist] Random, Not the same Random twice

Adrian Gonzales adrian at clearspanmedia.com
Sat Mar 20 12:34:36 CST 2004

You could loop the cfif statement. Then if it isnt true, than it breaks
the loop.

Oh.. And just so you know... All those pound signs are not neccesary in
the cfif statements.

Adrian Gonzales Jr.
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I've attempted a couple of things, one being DeleteClientVariable, and
that's not working.

In the interim, I've basically built a CFIF that says if Story1 IS
Story2, get a new random number, but that only repeats itself once.  The
success ratio is dramatically higher, but it's still not what I need.

Is there an easier way to this? Certainly it's just my lack of
experience that's causing me issue here!  I hope!

> find the fonction in Cold Fusion that allows you to delete a record, 
> here's a pseudo code : <CFSET Story1 = 
> #RandRange(1,Stories.recordCount +1)#> <CFSET 
> Stories.DeleteRecordByValue(Story1) > <CFSET Story2 = 
> #RandRange(1,Stories.recordCount +1)#> <CFSET 
> Stories.DeleteRecordByValue(Story2) > <CFSET Story3 = 
> #RandRange(1,Stories.recordCount +1)#>
> each time you select a random value, you delete it from your array 
> Stories.
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> And it works great, but I can--and do--get duplicates.  I'm searching 
> for a resource to disallow Story2 and Story3 from getting the same 
> variable as Story1, but I'm drawing a blank.
> Can someone point me in the right direction?

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