[thelist] connecting from XP to Solaris via crossover

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Sun Mar 21 13:34:11 CST 2004

David Dorward wrote:

> On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 17:26, Dan McCullough wrote:
>>Never even attempted this before so not sure, then do I open an ssh session
> Or whatever service
>>and should connect?
> Assuming a suitable server is running 

A crossover cable performs essentially the same function as a hub. It 
just provides the physical connectivity and allows the packets to go 
from one nic to another without collision.

Once you've got the crossover cable in place (make sure it is a 
crossover cable, just look at both end and make sure the wire colors 
aren't in the same order at both ends..on a regular ethernet cable the 
wire order will be the same at both ends) you need to make sure that the 
tcp/ip settings on each machine will work together. Make sure the 
machines aren't set to get an address via dhcp (since there are only two 
machines hooked together, there is no dhcp server) and make sure that 
they are both on the same subnet.  So setting one of them to 
and the other to both with netmasks of and a 
gateway of should allow them to see each other.

At that point, services should work normally. One caveat though is that 
you will want to avoid using things that involve DNS lookups since 
presumably neither of your machines is set up as a DNS server. So 
instead of making an SSH connection to my.machine.com, just connect to  If there is anything that needs dns, then you'll have to 
hack the hosts file to manually take care of those mappings.

Hope this helps,

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