[thelist] Standards-compliance in browsers

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Mon Mar 22 05:13:29 CST 2004

Martin E wrote:

> I'm using Homesite+ to code, and want to configure the internal 
> browser to
> Mozilla, from the default ie rendering engine, but not sure about it...
> 1.    So, IYHOs,
>         Is it better to code, then check, code some more, then check 
> again,
> using a much more standards-
>         compliant browser like Mozilla, or go with ie, then tweak for 
> the
> rest?

Code to a standard, check with a standards complaint browser, then 
tweak for the rest. If you do this, you'll know if it's a problem with 
your code or a problem with a particular browser.

> 2.    Is Mozilla more standards-complaint than the rest, or should I 
> rely on
> Opera first?
>         A.    Which browser (which version too), in order of 
> compliance,
> rate first in standards.
>                 Is my list accurate:
>                 a.    Mozilla builds (1.5, 1.7b, etc)
>                 b.    Mozilla Firebird 0.7
>                 c.    Mozilla Firefox 0.8
>                 d.    Opera
>                 e.    Netscape
>                 f.    IE

I'm not sure what Opera is like on Win, but the version for Mac is a 
little quirky to say the least. I personally use Safari and find it an 
excellent choice of browser. I'm sure any recent version of Moz will 
do, although I'd steer clear of very recent releases as they may still 
be ironing out bugs. So I'd probably go for Firebird 0.7 or possibly 
Firefox 0.8

Andy Budd


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