[thelist] PHP vrs Perl - 15 rounds

Ralph ralph213 at sbcglobal.net
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>On this specific issue it's perl.  Why 
>perl DBI module supports parameter binding to a 

PEAR DB - http://pear.php.net/manual/en/package.database.php

METABASE - http://optip.mirrors.phpclasses.org/metabase

ADOdb - http://php.weblogs.com/adodb

And if you still want to use DBI, then 


>Interestingly PHP has included a new mysql api in 
>PHP 5 guess what they have called it? improved mysql 
>api :-)
PHP current mySQL api is excellent. The Improved MySQL extension is actually
an extension that supports the new mySQL 4.1+ functions.

Whether PHP is better than PERL is a pointless argument. Both are excellent
languages. But from personal experience, since I started programming in PHP
5 years ago, I've not had a need to go back to PERL.

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Ken Moore wrote:

> OK,
> Let's start a real brawl here. Which is better, PHP or Perl, and why?
> I really want to know which is better with MySQL on a web site.

On this specific issue it's perl.  Why perl DBI module supports 
parameter binding to a query.
In other words while you might have to use
"select * from table where column=$something"
 in php you can instead write
"select * from table where column=?"  in perl.

You can then assign different variables or constants to this statement 
via parameter binding. This approach certainly makes programming a lot 
easier and i believe this is said to be a bit faster as well.

Interestingly PHP has included a new mysql api in PHP 5 guess what they 
have called it?
improved mysql api :-)

since PHP 5 is still rock solid as PHP 4 you might want to go with perl.

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> Ken
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