[thelist] [mySQL] - lower_case_table_names=0 causes crash?

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Tue Mar 23 08:47:33 CST 2004

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Subject: [thelist] [mySQL] - lower_case_table_names=0 causes crash?

> Trying to turn off the lower case table names for mySQL so I can
ensure portability to a Unix
> box.
> Running mySQL 4.0.17 (on Windows)
> Within the my.ini I added the line:
> set-variable=lower_case_table_names=0
> and now the db server crashes on startup :oP
> (tried using the word 'OFF' instead of '0', same deal)

This is correct: set-variable=lower_case_table_names=0
However, if you put  lower_case_table_names=OFF it fails in prior
versions to 4.0.6 Of course you could just use a consistent naming
convention for your tables. Sounds like you probably want to upgrade



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