[thelist] Prevent Printing

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Tue Mar 23 11:31:12 CST 2004

> Is there any conceivable way to prevent printing in a web based application?

I've come to think, that if you can see it, you can print it. There's 
one execption thought: video is often very difficult to print.

Often my clients ask me, if they could show something on their site, but 
in such manner that people can't download/print/whatever it. Usually 
this implies that their thoughts about information come from days, when 
you couldn't share without a loss: if you give a book to somebody you 
don't have the book yourself anymore - whereas when you give a file to 
somebody, you still have it yourself. With books it is possible to show 
information, but not give it out - with bytes, when you show you give.

Sorry, not much technical help there :-}


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