[thelist] Prevent Printing

Sarah Sweeney poohbear at designshift.com
Tue Mar 23 12:42:05 CST 2004

> Ah... but what if.
> <body onContextMenu="return false" onSelectStart="return false"
> onDragStart="return false" > 
> You cannot copy and paste, you cannot right-click, you cannot Ctr+A
> With both of these intact, you can only get the information by doing a File
> Save As... or screen print.
> Thoughts?

I would just turn off JavaScript if I wanted to get around this.

BTW, if I *REALLY* wanted a hard copy of the text, and you had somehow 
totally prevented me from printing it, saving it, taking a screenshot, 
or whatever - I'd just copy it out by hand :)


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