[thelist] Difference between domain registrars

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Wed Mar 24 08:49:42 CST 2004

You may also be prevented from doing so within 60 days of your renewal
date, per ICANN rules.

patrick sanders
web sites that fit

Raditha Dissanayake wrote:

> david.landy at somerfield.co.uk wrote:
>> Luciano,
>> <snip>
>> Why to pay US$ 35 when I could obtain the same service at only US$
>> 7.95...?
>> </snip>
>> No reason at all. Go for the cheapest option that serves your needs.
> Good rule of thumb. however i personally believe switching registrars
> just a few days before a domain expires is not a good move. The reason
> is that sometimes things can go wrong and as a result you can lose
> your domain. I know it happens because it happened to me once.  By all
> means switch to another registrar but don't do it if you have less
> than a week to expiry date.

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