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Martin Espericueta martin at fiercestreetnetworks.aboho.com
Tue Mar 23 18:09:13 CST 2004

Hello List,

This may seen OT, but the underlying question is valid :~)

I'm using Homesite+ to code, and want to configure the internal browser to
Mozilla, from the default ie rendering engine, but not sure about it...

1.    So, IYHOs,
	Is it better to code, then check, code some more, then check again,
	using a much more standards-compliant browser like Mozilla, or go
	with ie, then tweak for the rest?

2.    Is Mozilla more standards-complaint than the rest, or should is Opera
	first on that list?

        A.    Which browser (which version too), in order of compliance,
		  rate first in standards. Is my list accurate:

                a.    Mozilla builds (1.5, 1.7b, etc)
                b.    Mozilla Firebird 0.7
                c.    Mozilla Firefox 0.8
                d.    Opera
                e.    Netscape
                f.    IE

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