[thelist] Difference between domain registrars

Chris Hayes chris at londonweb.net
Wed Mar 24 13:01:51 CST 2004

I can't comment too much as I have a biased interest in the business.  My
company's charges might make you spit your lunch all over your monitors.

But we work on a smaller scale, provide personal support, never charge for
anything else unless it's an additional request from the client and have
plenty of return business as a result.

Still, I'm using low cost registration services having always read the small
print and I'm personally monitoring expiration dates.

The corps will always be happy to pay more for personal service.

It's not so sad, it's a reasonable balance.

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> It's easy to explain :
> Some people use to say : something free is worth what it costs..
> Those people will always go for the 35$ service...
> That's sad but that's the way it is..
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> I haven't so much knowledge on domains, DNS and related, then... how you
> could explain that a US$ 7.95 service is better than a US$ 35 one? (I
> really don't understand this)
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