[thelist] Difference between domain registrars

Feingold Josh S Josh.S.Feingold at irs.gov
Thu Mar 25 08:29:17 CST 2004

> GoDaddy is not perfect, I am sure, but certainly better than
> NetSol ... [snip]

I always manage domains for clients/friends since to be honest for a
nontechnical person it is not so simple to buy a domain (e.g. What is a
nameserver?).  That being the case, the only thing to look for is technical
support when something goes wrong.  I have had pretty good luck with
GoDaddy.com for the past 4 years.  

I now have seen ads for oneandone.com who are offering registrations at
$5.88 which is the cheapest I have seen.  According to what I have read this
is a huge company in Europe and fiscally stable.


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