[thelist] intro and beginner's question!

Ed Skoviak eskoviak at xnomis.com
Thu Mar 25 19:39:29 CST 2004

go for it.  You have to do it to know it.  Being the vetran of many
languages (I can program in FORTRAN if forced), it is only a matter of doing
it and doing it regularly.  I'm new to php, but have found that when in
doubt, try java/C++ syntax.

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> Hello :O)
> l have only just joined the list, and am very glad to have found you all.
> l am a trained graphic designer and hopefully one day will consider myself
> self taught webdesigner! (is there an apprenticeship available out there?
> LOL!) l am currently studying macromedia studio mx 2004 with the online
> course at macromedia university, and am cruising along nicely. l am having
> trouble though with dreamweaver and php scripts, l just don't get it!
> Currently l am downloading scripts for galleries, cms's, messageboards
> and customising them for my clients with their own graphics and maybe
> a play with the stylesheets. But still keeping the basic
> of menus etc etc, and not playing with the code too much.
> However l want to take it that one step further and start designing my own
> templates, so that l'm not limited as much and can have some more control.
> just can't get my head around how to achieve this though! Do l need to
> a top notch knowledge of php before l start, or is it as simple as
> a html template in fireworks or photoshop and then slicing it up and
> the php code for various elements within the tables? l look at all the
> involved with a script and am really not sure where to start or which one
> attack first! Can someone help me with a recommended tutorial or plan of
> attack, and/or is there a basic set of files for editing a php script? l
> know this is a very general question and it would be dependant on what
> script you are using, but any pointers would be much appreciated. l
> currently have dabbled in oscommerce, zencart, coppermine gallery, mambo
> and postnuke.
> Thanks in advance, and l'm looking forward to becoming part of the group
> Gabbie Coburn
> Melbourne, Australia
> some of my current stuff: (l'm very new so be kind! LOL)
> http://www.dotcomdesign.com.au/kupboard/
> http://www.dotcomdesign.com.au/kupboardgallery/
> http://www.dotcomdesign.com.au/stampgallery/index.php
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