[thelist] query takes too long

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Mar 25 21:46:17 CST 2004

Indexing your database appropriately?


From: "mqueme" <mqueme at solucionweb.com>
Subject: [thelist] query takes too long

I have this query that takes way too long How can i improve its performance?

SELECT inventario.id_inventario,inventario.Contenedor,(semaforos.SEM1_status
+ semaforos.SEM2_status + semaforos.SEM3_status + semaforos.SEM4_status +
semaforos.SEM5_status + semaforos.SEM6_status) AS
total,inventario.FechaOut,navieras.nombre AS
naviera,contenedor.Size,tipocontenedor.Nombre AS tipo FROM inventario INNER
JOIN semaforos ON (inventario.id_inventario = semaforos.id_inventario) INNER
JOIN contenedor ON (inventario.Contenedor = contenedor.Contenedor) INNER
JOIN tipocontenedor ON (contenedor.`Type` = tipocontenedor.`Type`) INNER
JOIN navieras ON (inventario.id_naviera = navieras.id_naviera) WHERE
inventario.id_naviera = 1

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