Justin Zachan justin at jazzmanagement.com.au
Thu Mar 25 21:49:54 CST 2004

Using Mac OS X.

Thanks to all the replies so far.




Justin Zachan wrote:

> Hi there. A designer I work with uses Entourage for MAC as an email

> She wants to find something else for various reasons.


> Can anyone recommend the various options out there? I can't as I am a PC

> user. Thanks.


Mozilla Thunderbird can be used, though it's got a very non-Mac feeling 

about it. Qualcomm Eudora, of course, and Opera Mail in Opera 7.50 

(currently in third preview). These both have a more Mac like feeling 

about them. And who could forget Apple Mail? There are others as well, I 

bet, but those are the ones I've seen in action.


She using Mac OS X or OS 9?



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