[thelist] Who owns SW? Was:Difference between domain registrars

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 08:15:59 CST 2004

Hi all.

Chris wrote:

>I realize that "ownership" is a very tricky subject when it comes to the 
>world of computers and most companies like to think that the things you buy 
>from them are actually only licensed to you and not owned by you.

Court cases have ruled against this position. Renting and/or leasing involve 
regular payments for a set period of time. The courts have consistently 
ruled that this is not the case with most SW. They have ruled like Borland 
International has always said in their "like a book" liscense. It is like a 
book. If you want to remove the SW from your PC and sell it, that is your 

The arbitrary re-definiton of the term does not stand up.


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