[thelist] mysterious disappearing text

Drew Gilmore drewbert at JoiMail.com
Fri Mar 26 22:10:08 CST 2004

OK, here's the site I'm working on:


In IE for Windows (whatever version comes with XP, I'm a Mac person and 
don't even know how to find the version number) the text tries to 
disappear on any page with inline images (about, contact, schedule). 
This particularly seems to happen when the window is maximized. 
Resizing the window seems to bring it back, at least temporarily. I've 
confirmed this on two separate computers.

Anyone know what's going on? I suspect it's a bug of some sort in IE, 
but I don't know how to get around it.

Also happy to take other comments on the design, particularly from the 
PC side of things, but the folks I'm designing it for are pretty happy 
with it other than this text problem. (The splash page will be replaced 
once they send me some better art!)


Drew Gilmore
Sudekum Planetarium
Just a guy made of dots and lines.

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