[thelist] mysterious disappearing text

Adrian Gonzales adrian at clearspanmedia.com
Sat Mar 27 22:07:59 CST 2004

It seems you did fix it, but with the old page, try a DocType.

Adrian Gonzales Jr.
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Clear Span Media

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Just as a reply to myself, I think I've hacked away around the problem 
by putting a table cell around the whole block of text... but if anyone 
can look at http://www.adventuresci.com/mapco/about/index2.shtml and 
see what the problem is, I'd be curious.


> OK, here's the site I'm working on:
> www.adventuresci.com/mapco/about/
> In IE for Windows (whatever version comes with XP, I'm a Mac person
> and don't even know how to find the version number) the text tries to 
> disappear on any page with inline images (about, contact, schedule). 
> This particularly seems to happen when the window is maximized. 
> Resizing the window seems to bring it back, at least temporarily. I've

> confirmed this on two separate computers.

Drew Gilmore
Sudekum Planetarium
Just a guy made of dots and lines.

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