[thelist] drop down menu: css/javascript or flash?

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Sun Mar 28 09:13:30 CST 2004


 > the problem is that the background lines need to stretch 100%, and the
 > buttons and correlating menus need to not stretch, but still line up
 > evenly between the background lines.

you should use two images instead of one
- one image for the horisontal background lines: this needs to be only 
1px wide as you tile it.
- other image for menu's background, with the coloured blocks, and both 
hor & vert lines: this one you center (or position it horizontaly where 
ever you like).

if the two images have the same height and vertical position, then the 
horizontal lines are aligned. and as you stretch the window, horizontal 
lines stretch, but menu stays where you wanted it.

hope this helps,


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