[thelist] 'not' in PHP and other PHP newbie questions

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Sun Mar 28 13:06:33 CST 2004

> So, I want to say
>      If there's no 'Address' data, write 'none' for the address
> Does this not work?
>     If !($Address)
>         {
>            $Address = 'none'
>         }

no, that does not work, as "If !($Address)"
should be "If (!$Address)", and "$Address = 'none'" is missing a 
semicolon. this would work:
      If (!$Address)
             $Address = 'none';

> Also, how do I get PHP to spit back errors instead of a blank page every
> time there's a single syntax error anywhere on the page?

have a look at here:


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