[thelist] PHP Form Help

Jeff Hinds jeff.hinds at netagency.com
Sun Mar 28 22:39:53 CST 2004

I've created and used small PHP forms and now am attempting a 
large inquiry form and it's not sending all the results.

I believe I have part of the form code wrong.

The form does not send email results for anything past
$msg .= "BestTime:		$BestTime\n";
except for comments.

I would appreciate any help you could give.



Here's the php code:


$msg = "E-mail from Mini Maid Contact Form \n";
$msg .= "From:									$name\n";
$msg .= "Email:									$email\n";
$msg .= "Address:									$Address\n";
$msg .= "City:									$City\n";
$msg .= "state:									$state\n";
$msg .= "zipcode:									$zipcode\n";
$msg .= "HomePhone:								$HomePhone\n";
$msg .= "WorkPhone:								$WorkPhone\n";
$msg .= "Email:									$Email\n";
$msg .= "BestTime:								$BestTime\n";
$msg .= "How-did-you-find-us:						$How-did-you-find-us\n";
$msg .= "Number-Bedrooms:						$Number-Bedrooms\n";
$msg .= "Number-Bathrooms:						$Number-Bathrooms\n";
$msg .= "Finished-Basement:						$Finished-Basement\n";
$msg .= "Square-Foot:							$Square-Foot\n";
$msg .= "Number-in-home:						$People-in-home\n";
$msg .= "Number-in-home:						$Number-in-home\n";
$msg .= "How-often-cleaned:						$How-often-cleaned\n";
$msg .= "Comments:								$Comments\n\n";

$to = "jeff.hinds at netagency.com";
$subject = "Mini Maid Feedback";
$mailheaders = "From: Mini Maid Web Site <> \n";
$mailheaders .= "Reply-To: $email\n\n";

mail($to, $subject, $msg, $mailheaders);


<TITLE> Mini Maid Feedback Form Sent </TITLE>


<H1>Thank you <? echo "$name"; ?>, your email has been sent.</H1>

<P> <B>Your E-mail Address:</B><BR>
<? echo "email"; ?>

<P> <B>Message:</B><BR>
<? echo "$message"; ?>


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