[thelist] [OT] What's faster .. USB2.0 or FireWire

Jono Young ox4dboy at comcast.net
Mon Apr 5 10:17:02 CDT 2004

Firewire 400 is nearly as fast as USB 2.0, but if speed is your concern,
take a look into Firewire 800, which blows the socks off of anything USB.
I'm not sure if PCs even have Firewire 800 capabilities yet, but I am pretty
sure you can get a 3rd party card and install it yourself.  If you're using
a Mac, Firewire 800 is now standard on most models.  One problem is that you
will need a fast PC/Mac to keep up with the transfer rates and avoid bottle
necking.  Also, the combo USB/Firewire drives are the best of both worlds.

On 4/4/04 1:51 PM, "Ken Schaefer" <ken at adOpenStatic.com> wrote:

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> From: "Tim Burgan" <burgan at iprimus.com.au>
> Subject: [thelist] [OT] What's faster .. USB2.0 or FireWire
> : What connection method is faster with an external HDD, FireWire(400) or
> : USB2.0?
> :
> : (I plan to use this drive to install 'virtual hard drives' from VMware
> : to do website testing -etc?)
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> I doubt the difference in bus speeds will become a problem. Just moving the
> VMs to a separate disk (or disks if you want to run multiple VMs separately)
> is the best thing you can do to improve VM performance, followed by adding
> oodles of RAM, and then a second processor.
> Cheers
> Ken

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