[thelist] reading RSS & Error Message 'ASP 0113' Script Timed Out...

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Apr 5 00:45:37 CDT 2004

Does your firewall allow the IIS Server to initiate an outbound connnection
to the appropriate port on the remote machine?

If it's a firewall issue, then I don't think this has anything to do with
IIS, or ASP per se.


From: "Sutherland, Paul" <Paul.Sutherland at ccc.govt.nz>
Subject: [thelist] reading RSS & Error Message 'ASP 0113' Script Timed

I am having a look at using RSSlib-asp to display a RSS feed

I can use this with a local file on my machine (served by IIS or Apache) but
as soon as I move this to our "real" iis i get the Timeout message.

I am guessing this is to do with a firewall issue, the IIS server don't have
rights to do a GET of the RSS file.

Any ideas what would the IIS server need to have done to allow it to GET the
file? etc...


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