[thelist] Javascript - open new window on FORM submit

rsusoeff rsusoeff at afamily.net
Tue Apr 6 13:30:06 CDT 2004

I'm trying to input a value to a form on another page, and have the results
returned in a new window. Once the results are seen, the new window can be

I can pop a new window with onclick="window.open()" and a new window pops,
but the value is not entered in the remote form. I can pop a new window with
target="new" but the W3C validator doesn't like "target" although this
method has the desired results.

I can only assume that it is, once again, time to see the optometrist.

<legend>check the validity of your site's (x)html and css:</legend>
<form action="http://www.htmlvalidator.com/php/onlinecheck.php"
<p id="validate">
<label for="urltocheck" title="validate this url"></label>
<input id="urltocheck" maxlength="50" size="40" value="&nbsp;http://"
type="text" name="url">&nbsp;<input type="submit" value="check">

Thanks in advance, Rick.

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