[thelist] CMS suggestions needed

leemark leemark at isu.edu
Tue Apr 6 22:15:03 CDT 2004

David Williamson wrote:

>I've just spent the weekend just trying to see how useful Drupal
>(www.drupal.org) would be as a CMS for non-profit organisations. It's got
>some good features and seems easy to configure.
I'd also like to vouch for Drupal here. I've recently put together a 
site using it as the CMS [ http://www.usableaccess.com ] and have found 
it to be easy to install, configure, theme, etc.

A new version (4.4) of Drupal has just been released featuring improved 
usability, accessibility, performance, and flexibility, all of which 
which were pretty good before from what I've seen.  I'm currently 
testing the  4.4 version [ http://staging.usableaccess.com ], if you'd 
like to see the new version.

An open-source package like this has the advantages of being free as in 
beer and speech, along with a great support system (the documentation is 
a little weak at this point but it's being improved, the code is well 
commented if you want to hack at it, and the forums at 
http://www.drupal.org are very helpful).

/not associated with drupal, just like what I've seen so far.


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