[thelist] Help with widows and orphans in printing

Scott wolpow scott at netalytical.com
Wed Apr 7 00:38:30 CDT 2004

Yes and no. I am working on using CSS and forcing a page break after a 
number of lines or inches. Still having some issues.
When I get it to work I will let everyone know.
Scott Wolpow
Public CTO

At 07:00 PM 4/6/04, you wrote:
>I have a PHP script that dynamically generates an HTML document with 
>various paragraphs and paragraph headings.  I need to be able to force the 
>browser (IE or NN at this point) to print in such a way that paragraph 
>headings are not "widowed", or left at the bottom of the page with the 
>paragraph on the next page.  CSS2 "widow" and "orphan" don't seem to work 
>in IE or NN (not yet supported by IE, I don't know why it's not working in 
>"page-break-inside:avoid" doesn't work either.  Browsers are supposed to 
>automatically follow widow/orphan rules to avoid having single lines at 
>the top/bottom of a page, but I am not finding this to be the case at 
>all.  Has anyone run into this problem and conquered it?
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