[thelist] CMS suggestions needed

Jeremy Weiss jweiss at cox-internet.com
Wed Apr 7 00:53:08 CDT 2004


I've been working with Drupal (ver. 4.3.2) for just over a month now and I
started working with Movable Type just the other day (different project).
Due to my relative newness to both I can't say much, but here's what I've

* Took a bit longer to setup drupal, but there were also more options
* Drupal seems to have a better interface for installing plugin's and such
* MovableType is free for non-com use, but $150 otherwise
* MovableType contains a better editor by default
* Easier to create templates for Movable Type

The project I'm using drupal on is an industry community type site. The
MovableType project will be an online version of a small monthly newspaper.
>From what I've seen so far, I'd have to recommend MovableType as it seems
more suited to your project.

My $.02 worth

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