[thelist] STILL working on PHP reconfiguration.

Monique Angelich listmail at devedia.com
Wed Apr 7 01:37:26 CDT 2004

A summary of what I have tried: 

OK, this isn't going to be fun to explain, but please bear with me.

I need to upload files to the website. The maximum file size ever being uploaded will be 15 megs. PHP's default install is 2 megs.

Now I already updated the php.ini file to the settings I need, the extra time to process the script, the extra memory needed AND changed the default max value to 16 megs (for wiggle room).

The upload form errors out at anything over 2 megs. I tried the hidden form field w/ the maximum file upload value, in bytes. Still no dice. 
[ input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="17137664"  assuming bytes, this number equals 16.3 megs roughly]

The php.ini is working, apache was restarted, the form has the hidden field and it STILL won't uplaod anything over 2 megs. 

What could I be missing? I shouldn't have to do a full reinstall, since php.ini is set.. this is just driving me bonkers.

my file: http://www.telasell.com/clients.htm
username: test
password: test

it craps out on file move. I can't locate the temp directory it is using for the actual upload, but that doesn't seem to be the issue. Is there a max limit on the file move? here is my actual code, it craps out right before the file move error.

if ($userfile!=null) {
	if (file_exists($UploadDir.$userfile_name)){ 
		$retmsg_error.= "file already exists<br>\n"; 
	$res = move_uploaded_file($tmp_name, $UploadDir.$userfile_name);
	if (!$res) {
		$retmsg_error.= "file move failure!<br>\n"; 
		$retmsg.= "$userfile_name was uploaded successfully.<br>\n";
	$retmsg_error.= "No file uploaded\n";

	SEND_MAIL_user($site_mail, $m_from, $m_subject, $userfile_name, $UploadDir);
	SEND_MAIL_tela($site_mail, $site_mail, $m_subject, $userfile_name, $UploadDir);

The php info file shows that all my mods are in effect for the ini file. Any other suggestions?

--- Monique

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