[thelist] cache help...

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Apr 7 01:55:43 CDT 2004


I've had similar problems, mostly with JS files, but sometimes with 
images and SWF. I've come to think, that the problem lies with my ISP, 
who seem to be overly keen to cache things... I haven't even tried to 
get them change anything - too big windmills to fight for me...

My workaround has been to use version numbers in filenames during 
development: file.01.js, file.02.js etc. It takes time, sure, but not as 
much as waiting for a day or two for my ISP to discard the old file...

Odd enough, often this is not needed, but then without warning the cache 
weather turns rainy...


> For some reason I can't seem to view the changes. FTP is working fine as I
> check on a colleagues MAC and the correct file is there to see. I have tried
> everything I can think of to remove my History, clear temp internet files,
> re-boot, you name it - no luck!! I just can't see the changes to the flash
> file on the internet.
> Any ideas out there? Driving me crazy and wasting a lot of time!!
> Cheers
> Justin

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