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I'm not sure exactly what you want here, do you want to correct all existing
data in the table, or deal with it on-the-fly in your application? Or both?

1. To correct the existing field data, you can run a query in Access such

UPDATE names SET firstname = UCase(Left(firstname, 1)) &
LCase(Mid(firstname, 2))

**** NB first BACK UP your table, as this is a non-reversible query **** 

If you can't run this query in Access -- where the built-in functions UCase,
LCase, and Mid are available -- you could also write code in ASP (or any
other language that has ODBC access to the database) to scan the table and
update each row individually. 

2. To correctly display wrongly formatted data in your application, ie to
display "John" where the data is "JOHN", it depends what language you are
developing in for the most appropriate strategy. As ususal, the more info
you give about what you are up to, the easier it is to assist you.

Hope this helps,


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Hi all,

I'm not too hot with databases, and I need to find a
solution to this issue.
There is an Access database with about 15 fields,
thousands of records. One of the fields is first name.
Some of the records in this field are in ALL CAPS,
others are Normal Type. I need something that
transforms the ALL CAPS to Normal Type automatically
within the table.
The user insists that this was done before by someone
else and that it was not done through a query (but I'm
doubting that after doing some research). Based on
research, I have several leads (macros, transforming,
adding sql statements to a query), but what would be
the best solution for this?

Gracias for any help,
colin, bocmaxima81_NOSPAM at yahoo.com
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