[thelist] Apache and PHP on Win XP: localhost not working

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Apr 7 10:33:18 CDT 2004

PeterV wrote:

> Thanks! I've been stuck on this for weeks. I still doesn't work though:
> Apache restarts fine, I get a cannot find server error when trying to
> access, and get redirected to a search page when trying
> to access http://taxomita.dev Any help would be welcome!!

Sounds like time for a basic networking check.

I would temporarily replace your hosts file with the single line:	localhost taxomita
	# note: dropping the '.dev'

And then try pinging each of those three addresses. Once you know
that's working, work on Apache.

Personally, I'd revert to the original httpd.conf, make the absolute
minimum changes to reflect the DocumentRoot[1] for the default server,
and get access as "localhost" working first.

First, run `apache -t` to test the httpd.conf each time you edit it.
When you move on to setting up the virtual server, you should also
run `apache -S`. You'll uncover problems that won't prevent Apache
from restarting, but *will* prevent it from working as you wish it

> My http.conf file:
> ==================

Next time grep out the comments, OK? :-)

[1] I'd also avoid using directory names with spaces in them just
     generally-- make them C:/www/localhost, C:/www/taxomita or some
     such convention...

HTH, and good luck,
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