[thelist] [JS] toLowerCase() not a function error - data types

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 10:46:03 CDT 2004

Just working on my validation and came across an odd error. I have
this code snippet:

validDataTypeRegEx = /_[a-zA-Z]+$/i;

validDataType = validDataTypeRegEx.exec(oElement.name);
alert(validDataType) // alerts "_isEmail"
validDataType = validDataType.toLowerCase(); <-- throws exception...

The last line there throws an exception:

Error: validDataType.toLowerCase is not a function (IE complains
"object doesn not support this property or method).

Apparently JS doesn't see validDataType as a string, but some other
type of data. Since exec() returns an array - it must be an array

I tried using exec(oElement.name)[0] to pull the first element of the
array, but it still wouldn't work.

Does anyone know why specifying the index of the array in exec
wouldn't return a string? I kind of would rather not have to do the
string manipulation if I don't have to.



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