[thelist] [JS] toLowerCase() not a function error - data types [solved]

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 12:42:06 CDT 2004

--- Tanner Burson <tanner at younet.okstate.edu> wrote:
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> Does anyone know why specifying the index of the array in exec
> wouldn't return a string? I kind of would rather not have to do the
> string manipulation if I don't have to.
> Try doing doing  typeof(array[0]); and see what datatype JS 
> believes those elements to be.

Good call Tanner, should have tried that earlier. It does think its
an Object. This time when I changed it to

validDataType = validDataTypeRegEx.exec(oElement.name)[0];

It came back as a string, and works fine now. I've noticed some
really odd behavior with FireFox lately in holding onto old variables
and versions of pages. I don't know if its a memory issue or what,
but quite a few times it has led me to believe I have an error or an
old page when I don't. Going to have to use NS7 for scripting now
until they iron that out :/


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